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How has the desire to exercise changed during the pandemic?

Gepostet am diciembre 17 2020

How has the desire to exercise changed during the pandemic?


In any case, a lot has happened. Most people are paying increasing attention to their health, especially when shopping for groceries. Mindfulness does not only mean looking at oneself, but also at society. The topic of solidarity has never been emphasized so often and for so long.

That is why sustainability and social responsibility have been a topic that has been gaining increasing importance for several years. The time at home and dealing with yourself results in higher demands on the quality and specifications of the clothes you wear.

The added value, for example functionality, also plays a role here. Wellbeing and work-life balance are becoming more and more important to people and, accordingly, the necessary balance.

Yoga and meditation, for example, play a role here. In this way we can reset our life or find relaxation faster. In recent years there has been an increasing trend towards self-optimization.

Although it remains relevant, a second trend is developing towards mindfulness. People want to live healthier and more active, but do not go to the point of complete exhaustion.